Fitzmaurice Voicework® & Vachika Workshop
11th august to 16th august 2022 - 6 days
3 pm to 6pm IST (3 hours on Zoom)
inr 20,000/- for all 6 days (India participants)
Foundation to Fitzmaurice Voicework® - Destructuring & Restructuring
Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a comprehensive, holistic approach to voice training. Originally developed for actors, it's now used in many fields to help people with a wide range of needs. 
Originally developed for actors, Fitzmaurice Voicework® is now used in many fields to help people with a wide range of needs. Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a practical exploration into the relationship between body, breath, imagination, voice and language. The work is holistic and deals with the whole human voice to help develop vibrant and expressive voices that are authentic and compelling. 
Fitzmaurice Voicework® is taught widely in academic institutions, including the Yale School of Drama, Harvard University/American Repertory Theatre's Institute for Advanced Theatre Training, New York University's Graduate Acting Program (and some NYU undergraduate studios), the University of California-Irvine, and many other places around the world.
you will Learn to:
•    Speak with greater vocal freedom, focus and power
•    Communicate more fully when you are nervous or stressed
•    Reduce unhelpful tension in the whole body
•    Expand your range & connect with others more directly
•    Strengthen your voice & reduce vocal fatigue
•    Free a high & tight voice
•    Learn a powerful warmup to use before speaking engagements
•    Change habits that are hurting you
•    Deepen connection between mind-body-creativity

Foundation in Vachika – The body is a musical instrument
With over two decades of experience as performer/educator/actor trainer, mallika has developed Vachika – which is an ongoing dialogue with existing voice training methods and practices in India and around the world. Vachika’s uniqueness is the use of the Sanskrit alphabet as the phonetic base and Rasa as its theoretical underpinning. Initially developed as batteries of exercises adapted from Yoga, Pranayama and Kalaripayattu to help actors, now has a wide application in wellbeing, and is accessible to anyone interested in the human voice
these are practical exercises to help strengthen the voice, increase resonance, reduce vocal fatigue, maintain vocal health, and address fundamental issues related to articulation.
This workshop is for anyone interested in breath, voice and creativity
About the facilitator
Mallika Prasad Sinha
Associate Teacher & Fitzmaurice Institute Regional Coordinator for South Asia
Mallika is a multi-award-winning director and performer; she has produced a number of documentary films and starred in seminal films such as ”Devi” Ahilya Bai directed by Nachiket & Jayoo Patwardhan, opposite Shabana Azmi and Sadashiv Amraporkar (Hindi - 2002) and Kanooru Heggadathi which won the National Award for Best film in 1999 (Kannada). She acted in Anurag Kashyap’s yet-to-be-released Hindi feature film – Ghanghor Connection (March 2020) and is currently shooting for Soup – a web series directed by Abhishek Chaubey for Netflix (2021-22). Her most recent hybrid (at the cusp of digital-film-theatre), Hidden in Plain Sight won the Infallibles Awards 2021 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
She is a well-known personality in Kannada television, having been part of the creative teams of several prominent serials such as Mussanjaya Katha Prasanga, Garva, Guptagamini, as well as playing the lead antagonist in her latest mega-serial Nagakannike (2017-18) which received critical acclaim and was awarded the best serial of the year. She has also lent her voice as the narrator, Cauvery for the prestigious Son et lumière Show at the Mysuru Palace.
Mallika teaches regularly in South Asia and has designed a three-year Voice & Speech Curriculum for the intercultural performer. She has taught at premiere theatre and performance institutes – NSD, NINASAM, Hyderabad University, in India and at LASALLE, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Intercultural Theatre Institute in Singapore. 
Acting, Diversity/Inclusion, Presence, Private Coaching, Public Speaking, Speech & Dialects, Transgender Coaching, Voiceover
English, Hindi, Kannada, Dakhini
Degrees, affiliations & institutions: 
MA Performance Making, Goldsmiths College, University of London - (2011-12) 
PGD – Acting, National School of Drama, Delhi - (1995 -98)
B.A. (Economics, Sociology & Political Science), St. Josephs College, Bangalore University, India (1992 – 1995)
Member of Voice and Speech Trainers Association, USA (VASTA)
Teaching Certification, Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Fitzmaurice Institute, Los Angeles, USA (2018-19)
NLP Practitioner & Coach – NLP Coaching Academy, Bangalore, India (2018)
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