Developer & Founder - Vachika 
(2016 to present)

Vachika draws inspiration from the reference to voice as ‘cosmic sound’ in the Natyashastra. Vachika is a uniquely Indian take on voice training for the contemporary performer. Initially developed as batteries of exercises adapted from Yoga, Pranayama and Kalaripayattu to help actors, the practice now has a wide range of applications and is accessible to anyone interested in the miracle of the human voice. 
Vachika uses the Sanskrit alphabet as the phonetic base and Rasa as its theoretical underpinning. A speciality of this approach is the method of sensorial recognition of point of articulation and rooting speech work in the body. Students are also trained in a variety of Western and Asian voice techniques, accents, dialects, international innovations and recent research work on voice pedagogies. ​​​​​​​
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